One of the first things I will do after being elected is support legislation that will eliminate the developer fee loophole that is keeping our property taxes artificially high here in the Southwest Metro. Currently developers do not have to pay cities fees to cover anticipated street infrastructure upgrades that their new developments necessitate. Instead, existing local homeowners are watching their property taxes rise while developers line their pockets. Developers have opposed any legislation to close this unfair loophole. Our incumbent representative tried to get this legislation going but gave up when his own party refused to back him. I will work in the House from Day 1 to get legislation passed that will finally close this loophole and save homeowners money.

Here in Prior Lake, Jordan and the nearby townships, not only are we paying more in property taxes than we should be, but we lack the kind of representation we need in St. Paul to get the developer loophole and other important issues addressed. As your State Representative I will hold monthly town halls, throughout the district, seeking input from all residents. I’ll check in with voters and be accessible throughout the year. It is time to set divisions aside and for Prior Lake and Jordan to be represented in St. Paul! I want to hear your views! I won’t be afraid to speak up for you!