As your state legislator, I will work with other legislators and elected officials of both parties to make sure we improve our local economy and that business owners want to invest in our community to create new jobs and maintain the ones we have. This will be especially important because of the recession we are in due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many residents of Prior Lake and Jordan are small business owners who have been struck hard by the pandemic, and both the shutdown of businesses last Spring as well as the drastic reduction in economic activity since then. Because state revenue comes largely from income and sales taxes which have also been reduced, state government will have fewer resources than and difficult spending decisions will have to be made.  We will need policies and legislation that makes sense for the private sector to make the investments needed for giving people new jobs.

I want you to know that unlike my opponent, I will working across party lines to make sure that our local communities in Prior Lake and Jordan get the resources and fair playing field we need for our local businesses and our residents, and I will be willing to vote against my own party’s leadership, if it comes to that, to makes sure this happens. You have my word on this, because I really care about my community more than the blind party allegiance we have seen from my opponent.