Equality and Social Justice

Justice matters. Equality and equity matter. My opponent has done nothing to address social inequality and injustice in our state, and the fact that a summer of riots started because of the killing of a Minnesota citizen shows that Minnesota is not as just or fair to citizens as many [...]

Supporting local business

As your state legislator, I will work with other legislators and elected officials of both parties to make sure we improve our local economy and that business owners want to invest in our community to create new jobs and maintain the ones we have. This will be especially important because of the [...]

Health care for seniors

If I am elected, my top priority will be to take on the high cost of health care. These days, health care expense are bankrupting more Minnesotans than ever, and putting needed treatments and medications out of reach. For seniors, the situation is especially bad. Older adults often need help [...]

Albright is NOT right for 55B!

Tony Albright has represented Prior Lake and Jordan in the Minnesota legislature since 2013. Since that time he has indeed performed some good work for individual constituents, but overall he has proven unable to do the right thing for most of us  when it requires voting against the orders he [...]

Help the environment, help ourselves.

Nice weather we’re having! I remember when a snowy day in October was ammunition for those who didn’t believe in “global warming,” the phenomenon we now understand as climate CHANGE. I grew up in small town Minnesota, a place where we cherished our summers at the lake and our cross-country-skiing [...]

Taxes and Representation

One of the first things I will do after being elected is support legislation that will eliminate the developer fee loophole that is keeping our property taxes artificially high here in the Southwest Metro. Currently developers do not have to pay cities fees to cover anticipated street infrastructure upgrades that their new developments necessitate. [...]

Andrea Nelsen can do the work!

I really appreciate that this paper helps inform us about the candidates in our elections. I, like most people, want to be an informed voter. But there was one thing in particular that jumped out at me when reading the recent Q&A articles for Minnesota House District 55B. The question [...]

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