Nice weather we’re having! I remember when a snowy day in October was ammunition for those who didn’t believe in “global warming,” the phenomenon we now understand as climate CHANGE. I grew up in small town Minnesota, a place where we cherished our summers at the lake and our cross-country-skiing winters. Those traditions are under threat from human-made climate change, and as your District 55B Representative to the Minnesota House, I will work hard to protect our environment while protecting—and even creating!—jobs.

Minnesota is a hub for innovation around environmental protection, but I believe we can do more. There is a reason the package of proposals in Congress is called “the Green New Deal,” for it means to incentivize the same kind of innovations and well-paying jobs that offered a lifeline out of the Great Depression. I believe that the Legislature can and should be doing more to develop the clean energy economy, including wind power and solar collection, putting investment into the energy production of the 21st century. 

These green energy jobs will not only put Minnesotans back to work, they will result in lower carbon emissions in our state—and increased carbon in our atmosphere changes the climate. This affects every single one of us, from the farmer whose crops are lost to floods, to the mom at Cub Foods who wonders why healthy food is so expensive. Warmer temperatures mean that our lakes are too hot for our beloved walleye populations, and that algae blooms will be a more persistent problem for Prior and Spring Lakes. 

I believe there is hope! But I also believe that the time for action is now, not later—which is why I’m running to represent Prior Lake, Jordan, and the surrounding townships in the Minnesota Legislature. The incumbent voted AGAINST the last clean energy and jobs omnibus bill in 2019.  

Now get out there and ski to your polling place!