If I am elected, my top priority will be to take on the high cost of health care. These days, health care expense are bankrupting more Minnesotans than ever, and putting needed treatments and medications out of reach. For seniors, the situation is especially bad. Older adults often need help managing multiple chronic conditions. Far too often, financial issues drive health care decisions, taking choices away from patients and their doctors. What we need from our legislators are policies that will put health care decisions back in the hands of patients, including our seniors.

As a doctor myself, I have seen the harmful effects of our current healthcare policies. One of these effects is our shortage of healthcare providers. The situation is especially bad for seniors. Far too few primary health care providers in our state are educated to provide geriatric-focused care. We need policies that will entice more doctors and nurses to gain this needed education and provide the care that seniors in Prior Lake, Jordan, and throughout Minnesota need.

As your state legislator, I will work to create policy solutions that help meet the evolving needs of patients. Unlike my opponent, I promise to work across the aisle on this. Seniors can count on me to put their needs ahead of politics or party loyalty, and come up with solutions that make sense for our community.