Justice matters. Equality and equity matter. My opponent has done nothing to address social inequality and injustice in our state, and the fact that a summer of riots started because of the killing of a Minnesota citizen shows that Minnesota is not as just or fair to citizens as many of us believed our state to be.

My opponent and his and his party have failed to care about all Minnesotans, and this is a big reason why racial violence occurs against people of color in Minneapolis, why women are denied equal pay and access to reproductive choices and health care, why immigrants face discrimination and hatred, and why violence started by the acts of right-wing provocateurs here in Minnesota after George Floyd’s death started the riots  that eventually sperad wordwide.

Minnesota suffers gravely from racial, economic, gender, and other forms of inequality and injustice, and Prior Lake and Jordan deserve a state legislator who has not tuned out the voices of people whose access to the equal rights of all Americans and Minnesotans is being denied.

I will work for the needs of women and access to affordable and comprehensive reproductive care and rights.  I support our Native American brothers and sisters. I will work to welcome immigrants to Minnesota, and support the rights of immigrants to live, work, and become valuable members of our local communities.  And I will work to pass bipartisan budgets and legislation to provide equal opportunities for success in education and workplace achievement.

Those who say we cannot afford to provide for programs that help ensure a just society are mistaken. The violence in Minnesota that happened this summer proves that we cannot afford NOT to provide justice for all Minnesotans.