Tony Albright has represented Prior Lake and Jordan in the Minnesota legislature since 2013. Since that time he has indeed performed some good work for individual constituents, but overall he has proven unable to do the right thing for most of us  when it requires voting against the orders he receives from GOP leaders and the religious right.

We are currently in the middle of a pandemic which has killed over 215,000 Americans and over 2000 Minnesotans. The emergency response of Governor Walz requires effective legislative oversight, not blanket opposition to it. Tony Albright has in the past provided helpful assistance to some Prior Lake and Jordan residents who children suffer from rare diseases. But that didn’t stop Albright from parroting GOP talking points in a speech on the House floor in July questioning the use of masks indoors and trying to obstruct state government from providing safer living conditions during the pandemic for the same children with rare diseases that Tony has sought to help before. For Tony Albright, party affiliation is more important than doing what he knows is right.

Another example: Last week in special session, the Minnesota legislature passed a bi-partisan bonding bill to fund capital investment projects, and neighboring cities Lakeville and Shakopee both received critical funding for important projects. Yet instead of negotiating with fellow Republicans to include projects for Prior Lake or Jordan in the bill, such as much needed investment for rural broadband connectivity, Albright just followed GOP leaders in opposing the bill and voting against it, even while other Republican legislators worked to include funding for their own communities. That’s not right.