As both a medical doctor and pilot, Andrea knows a lot about courage,risk, and being safe.
She also knows when it makes sense to be afraid, and when it makes sense take risks. Risk-taking is something we all do, but putting others at greater risks with our own actions or inactions, especially for very little benefit, makes little sense at all.
The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the best in most of us, but it has also brought out the worst in some of us, and it will be up to the Minnesota legislature during the next two years to take a good hard, objective look at what state government has done right during this pandemic and what state government did wrong, so we can take the right risks, based on facts, the next time something like this happens.
Vote today for Andrea Nelsen for Minnesota House, District 55B, Prior Lake and Jordan. Do NOT MAIL IN ABSENTEE BALLOTS. VOTE IN PERSON NOW THROUGH TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3!